A powerful, easy to use warnings system for your Discord server!

Big Update to Version 1.0

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Issue warnings

You can /warn users that did something wrong with a reason.

Revoke warnings again!

You can /unwarn users that have learned to behave with a reason.

Warnings Leaderboard

Check out who’s the “best”. Depending on how you look at it. Just type /warnleaderboard!

Got lost?

If you forgot a command or just want to know all currently available commands. The /help dialog will provide you with that information.

Stay in the loop!

You will never miss the latest features. Our changelog announcement feature will post the essential changes and features.


If you invite the sahnee-bot for the first time to your guild you will get a message from the bot about some basic commands that cou can use.

Revisit the past!

Get random old/previous warnings by issuing the /randomwarn @UserName command.

continuous feature expansion

We will try to add your suggestions and make the bot more fun for everyone.
Also we always are looking for new ideas to expand the featureset of the sahnee-bot.

Feel free to open a new GitHub issue!

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