With version 0.9.16 we have added awesome new features, additional content and more to sim-locher for you to enjoy.

NEW: Achievements:

In order to track e.g. how many times you’ve already tapped on your puncher or how many upgrades you’ve aquired over the course of the game we added a new achievement feature to the game.
This version already contains a variety of different achievements, but we will keep adding them over time to provide you with a constant stream of things to unlock!

NEW: backwards compatible save games:

 In order to make the upgrade to a new version of sim-locher as seamless and easy as possible all save games will from now on always “just work” with the next release of the game. You are no longer required to start a new game once the game gets an update and can focus on building the ultimate puncher.

Bug fixes/improvements:

  • The amount of confetti being shown when using the puncher has been limited to 20. Furthermore the maximal amount of paper displayed in the puncher has been limited to 200. This improves performance on weaker devices.
  • The cooldown of Puncher of Speed has been adjusted.
  • Several small bugfixes.